stopping for a break

Hello all and welcome to the Lunmad web site. Here you will find Lunmad repair and ride videos, services I offer and other stuff relating to classic, mostly British, bikes.

All my repair videos are in the Shed tab, set up in a way similar to the way a workshop manual is set up. In the Shed you will find most of my T120 videos and all of my T140 videos, with more to come. Also coming are videos on my AJS and MZ projects.

My main reason for repairing my bike is so I can ride it. In the Ride tab you will see the fruits of my labours, as I ride my favorite roads and lanes around the Yorkshire Moors, the Yorkshire Dales and Scotland.

Want me to help you work on your bike, one-on-one? Want to join me on a ride? Click the Services button to see how.

Since uploading my first video to YouTube back in 2008 lots of people have said they owe me a pint. If you think I deserve a pint you can buy me one with the Cheers! button. Pints received will go towards improving my website for your use and enable me to do even more videos for your perusal. Thank you in advance.