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All of my life I have loved to ride old British bikes in the beautiful countryside around where I live in the north of England. The narrow, winding roads there give these timeless machines and their riders a good stretching.

For riders, part of the experience unavoidably involves repair and maintenance. If you are like me, you come to love this part as well. There is something very satisfying about getting to know a piece of machinery so well that you sense the stumbles and can fix them before they become problems. That is what I have done for some 40 years as a mechanic in British industry, and for all my life as a rider predominately of British bikes.

I do almost all the work on my bikes, including fabrication and painting, in my small home workshop. For some years, I have done videos -- over 200 now -- of my work and put them up on the web for folks around the world who, like me, love British bikes and working on them.

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