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gig sticks

with luck these will be the first things I offer for sale.

A 32gig flash drive containing the full T120 engine rebuild series + the T140 videos I have made.

over 12 hours of viewing for $100

plus if you remove the files you have a spare flash drive!

pushrod tool

a wire frame used to hold pushrods when fitting rocker box guide holes in gasket are missing, usually left off when you make you own gaskets.

spring clip

a clip used to hold the carb slide spring compressed while fitting cable.

How can I help you?

Since uploading my videos a fair few people have asked me to make a dvd set for purchase. Burning dvds is prohibitivly time consuming, but I can offer the same files on a flashdrive.

So for people who want them here they are, please drop me a contact.

Ideas for stuff welcome

my pushrod holding wire and slide spring clip are but a couple they are easy enough to make but if you want to but one I'll offer them up too.

copy right to be put here when I find it again